Authenticity and the novel

Creativity is more important than money or prestige

The best writers have something to say. They do not write for money. They do not want prizes.

The best writers are free spirits.

The novel deals with universal themes

The best novels deal with freedom, equality and the innate human capacity for evil. Only bourgeois novelists concern themselves with the random trivia of personal lives.

Bourgeois novels are by definition not good.

Form in the novel is determined by content

Literary novelists use interior monologue and non-linear narrative to associate themselves with modernism. They equate modernism with literature.

Literary novels are by definition not good.

Natural ability is more important than effort

Talentless people can make as much effort as they wish. They can only produce mediocre novels.

Mediocrity can be taught. Creativity cannot.

Editing is forbidden

Editing is an intrusive practice designed to establish corporate control.

Novels which need to be edited should not be published.

Marketing is absolutely forbidden

Real novels are not consumer objects. Novels which can be sold as consumer objects are worth nothing.

Consumer objects which can be sold as consumer objects are also worth nothing. But that, as they say, is another story.

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