The Writer and the Imprint

Independent writer

Andrew Ravensdale is an independent writer. He likes to do things for himself.

Ravensdale’s novels have been described as bleak and dystopian. They describe a world in which individuals are traumatised, politics is oppressive and civilisation is collapsing. The language of the novels is incantatory and the technique is cinematic.

Andrew Ravensdale edits his own books. He draws on the knowledge of grammar that he gained while he was teaching English as a foreign language. In his twenties he worked as an occasional freelance proof reader and copy editor, and learned the basics of manuscript preparation.

Ravensdale does not seek feedback or critiques and does not take part in writers workshops. He has never taken a creative writing class and is sceptical of writers groups.

Ravensdale formats his own eBooks and lays out his own Print on Demand paperbacks. He has been fascinated by print ever since his grandfather, the editor of a Cornish weekly paper, took him to visit the print room as an eight year old child. He still remembers the smell of the Linotypes.

Ravensdale was interested in desk-top publishing software in his thirties and forties, and produced newsletters for several charities. With some trepidation – not being an artist – he designs his own covers.

Independent Press

Ravensdale and Co is a single-author imprint. Andrew Ravensdale set up the business without help and manages it on his own.

Ravensdale and Co’s books are published as eBooks in both MOBI and EPUB formats, and as Print on Demand paperbacks. They are available via Amazon, Smashwords and Create Space.

The objective of Ravensdale and Co is to find readers. Making a profit is not a primary objective.