Ravensdale and Co





I am an independent writer.

Ravensdale and Co is a single-author imprint. I own it. I am registered as a sole trader with HMRC.

My biggest seller is Flame Deluge. I have sold thirty-one copies in ten months.

So far I have spent £2,239.23 on the business. I have earned £152.65. That is a deficit of £2,086.58.

I edit the books myself. I format the eBooks and lay out the Print on Demand paperbacks. I design the covers.

My books are published as eBooks in both MOBI and EPUB formats, and as Print on Demand paperbacks.

The books are available via Amazon, Smashwords and Create Space.

I also offer the books as a Pdf from this website. The Pdf files are free to download.

I would like readers. I would like to generate more income and reduce my deficit.

Profit as such is not an objective.